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Casual Shirt (Maroon)


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Product Specification of 'Casual Shirt (Maroon)' by adlib

Men can wear this shirt to party or casual events in their life. This is the purple and blue shirt with blue cover text area for men in Bangladesh. Why wear pants and dress shoes when you can wear this casual shirt which looks great with your favorite pair of jeans.

Made of pure cotton, this casual shirt is light and non-bulky so you can breathe freely and look lean. It is also made in Bangladesh which means woven with the latest technique, your trusted shopping destination for men's apparel in Bangladesh .

Casual Shirt is a utility shirt that is multi color and perfect for any occasion . It is a perfect adds to your stylish wardrobe and a must have to dress up for parties.

Code : A1D00000473
Color : Maroon
Fabric : 100% Cotton
Price : 1840 (Inc:VAT)
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