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Polo Shirt Short Sleeve - Your All-Around Fashion Companion By adlib

As a man, you know that your attire deserves attention. Whether you are going to work or out with friends, you need to show that you are in good shape and can handle yourself. A polo shirt is a perfect way to do that.

All adlib’s products are not only comfortable to wear, but also they look great. And with the right tag or design, they can add an extra touch of masculinity to any outfit. If you are also in quest of that classy outlook, adlib has a collection of gorgeous Polo shirts for you.

Classy Bangladeshi Mens’ Polo Shirt on adlib

There is nothing quite like taking a break from the hectic and daily lives of everyday people to step back and enjoy a bit of luxury. That’s what you will get when you step into adlib, one of the most hyped destinations in Bangladesh for fashion lovers.

When you choose an adlib Polo shirt, you can be sure that it will make a statement. With a tailored fit and a soft fabric, these shirts are perfect for any occasion. Soaked in trend and fashion, an adlib Polo shirt is sure to bring out the best in anyone.

Code : A2C00000135
Color : Maroon
Fabric : 100% Cotton
Price : 1240 (Inc:VAT)
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