Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of adlib


Dear valued visitors and customers of adlib, we offer you a warm welcome to our site. Here is a list of terms and conditions that would be applicable to anyone visiting our site or making a purchase.

You have to adhere to all these terms and conditions and your presence at our site entails you agree to all of these terms and conditions set by us. If you do not want to comply with these rules, we would request you to close the tab or take leave.

adlib withholds all the rights to bring any changes and modifications to these terms and conditions without any prior notice. Visitors and clients are requested to keep visiting the terms and conditions for any updates.

User’s Privacy

adlib might require you to log into the site and provide your personal information. We deem this information highly sensitive and preserve this data with extended care. Please go through our privacy policy for detailed knowledge on this subject matter.

Site Modification

adlib withholds all the rights to modify and change any content or part of the site without any prior notice or warning. No user or third party can hold us accountable for any changes we bring to the site.


All the contents and elements used in this site are subject to international copyright rules. So, anyone retrieving any content from the website will be objected to for violating international copyright rules if not taken prior permission.

Before using any content of adlib you have to file a request and wait for our consent. And we withhold every right to either accept the request or reject it without showing any reason or concern. Besides, if you want to take and share part of any content of our website, please make sure you are rightfully giving us credit.

Third Party Application

For enhancing user experience or other aspects of usability adlib might use any third-party application. Our company won’t be liable for these third-party apps' data taken or used.

We clear our stance that we don’t indulge in any suspicious activity and nor do we influence others to do so.


To improve the overall website experience we might use cookies to collect user data and enhance users’ overall experience. Our sole purpose in using cookies is to provide a customized experience to our clients.


Our payments are only to be exchanged through the defined online payment system or in cash if needed. Only rightly executed transactions would be deemed authentic and will further proceed to the purchase process. Please refer to the refund policy for a detailed understanding of any condition regarding product return and damage.

Refund Policy and Product Return

We follow a transparent payment process and a clearly defined return policy. A product can be returned only within the company mentioned date only. Please make sure you do not damage the product physically; otherwise, the return process would be terminated.
You can only expect a return if the company deems you an eligible candidate. If not, there won’t be any refund.